Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Main Kit Techniques with Carla Marchee

Design Team Carla Marchee is here today to share some of her wonderful techniques using the September Main kit.  Visit us again tomorrow to view her tips using the September Limited Edition kit!

Here's Carla...

What I have done with this page to make it cool:

Posted Image

here is the close up
Posted Image
For the circle under the layers I had used a cardboard from a box.
I used a plate to trace around with a pencil, then cut around it and painted it with gesso. 

And for the cute butterfly I
used a punch. In the middle of the butterfly I applied glue and then sprinkled beads on it. Then shook the rest of the excess beads and sprinkled them on again until they were stuck to the glue.

What I have done with this page:
Posted Image

What is done with the wire rope is very simple, but super nice result, I would like to tell this.

You use a stylus or pen or whatever you want to use. I had used a copic marker, and turned the wire rope around it several times so that you get a spiral. The ends of the rope you are doing through the eye of a rope and then making a knot in the rope, see pictures:
Pic 1
Posted Image

Pic 2
Posted Image

Pic 3
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Pic 4
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What I
have also done with this page is this:
The tags
that are in the main kit... I would like it to stick out above the photo, but the tag is very long so I have cut it, very easy and fun.

Step 1
Posted Image

Step 2
Posted Image  

What I did with the first layer on this layout:
Posted Image

Posted Image 

This design paper I wanted to create the first layer also as an oval curves. How I did it was quite simple. I traced around a round object a quarter of the way then I moved the round object over a little bit and traced a quarter way around the other side. This created an oval shape that I cut out for my layer.  See picture.

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