Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tomoko Takahaski - How did I do that - Swirls

How I made my swirls

Posted Image

Point: After writing your swirl with a pencil, you outline with a marker (this will make it easier to paint inside and you won't need to worry about getting out of the line).

Step 1
Write some swirls with a pencil (if this is hard for you you can see something as a sample)
Posted Image

Step 2
Trace it with a marker (I used ZIG to trace the line)
Posted Image

Step 3
Mist over it
Posted Image

Step 3
Add some distress ink on some parts
Posted Image

Step 4
Paint inside of the lines with acrylic paint (acrylic paint will make the swirls more clearly with out just using marker)
Posted Image
Posted Image

Step 5
Add glitter to the outside line of the swirls
Posted Image

Step 6
Add ome liquid pearl to some parts and apply crackle to the swirls
Posted Image

That's it!!


carlies said...

wow I love so swirl thanks for share this wonderful Tutorial

Cyrus Howards said...

awesome tutorial.
thank you!!!

mow180 said...

Thank you.

Dee . . . . . said...

a fabulous tutorial - Thank You for sharing