Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How did I do that ..Creating a fun page border by Sarah

How To Make An Easy Notebook Edge Border

All you need to create your own notebook edge on a piece of cardstock or pattern paper is a hole/square punch and scissors.

1. First you use the punch to create the holes all the way down one side of the paper. You can measure these holes if you'd like,
but I usually just freely punch my holes and space them out by eye.
Posted Image

2. Secondly, you use the scissors to snip thin strips out from the edge of the paper to the punced hole.
Posted Image

You could also bend and fold the edges of your notebook edge to create a more realistic look of the paper being torn from a notebook.
Posted Image
Posted Image
LOVES :) -Sarah
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Emily said...

Awesome layout Sarah!! Thanks for sharing how you created the look for the border!!

Lean said...

beautiful page cool tip!