Friday, September 8, 2017

Tips with Jenifer!

Hi there, Jenifer here today, thanks for stopping by!
Today I am going to share with you a few tips using
September Limited Edition Kit

So I wanted to do something a little different this month, instead of a tutorial, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to get the most out of your kit as well as how to alter some of the embellishments in the kit.

TIP #1
I love, love, love the white resin frame from Prima Marketing found in the kit. However, for my particular layout it seemed to look like an awful lot of white placed atop a variety of colored flowers.....I broke up the look of too much white by using some water colors that coordinated with the colors of the flowers I had fussy cut. Tada, now the frame blends in with the flowers better, but has just enough white to continue to pop off the page! All you need to do this is a small amount of water, water colors and a very small tip paint brush for precision. It took me less than 5 minutes and I absolutely love the results!

The white thicker alphas are gorgeous and are awesome in that their light color allows for them to be altered very easily to match your layout. I found that the white thickers did blend in a bit on my white and yellow patterned paper, so I fixed the problem by using a dobber and some Tim Holtz Distress Paint to paint the thickers and then finished it off using the Gold Prima Color Bloom Spray also found in the kit. This allowed my alphas to stand out as well as for me to add a natural looking rustic dimension to them.

TIP #3
I like to get the absolute most from my kit's so I am in the habit of even using the packaging on my kit creations when available, which I have done here with the layering behind the photo. It was made from a piece of the box the kit came in, just cut done to size. This helped me to pull together the colors of the raw chipboard as well as the wood dock beneath the ducks feet. A perfect example of turning trash into treasure!!

TIP #4
I love to layer my layouts with as many flowers as I can, so to make my flowers in this kit go further, I took advantage of the floral print patterned paper. I fussy cut flowers from this paper to supplement the gorgeous Prima Marketing flowers found in the kit. By doing this, my pages look as if they are packed full of flowers. Also to make the fussy cut flowers go further, I cut them in half down the center when I was tucking them in places where only half the flower would actually be showing, that way I could use the other half in a different area and have even more flowers!


TIP #5
Another trick I use to make my kit go further is to cut the pieces I layering instead of using whole sheets of paper. This allows my paper to go further while still getting the look I want to achieve. However, this will not work if you are not putting 2 layouts per sleeve in your scrapbook, because you will see these edges. But you could always adhere the layout to cardstock to get rid of the edges if you do only put 1 page per sleeve.

TIP #6
Here, I used a white gel pen to create a messy hand drawn frame around my photo, I love the look and dimension this creates, not to mention it breaks up a large uninhibited space. What I mean by that is prior to creating my frame, my phot had a large area that was just trees in the background, while it's pretty, it just looked like something was missing. The frame broke that space up, and gave the photo added dimension. 

Thanks for looking, I hope this gives you some inspiration with your own kit!

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