Thursday, April 27, 2017

Come Check Out Maja's Scrapbook Room!

Hello everyone :)
Today I'd like to invite you to the place where I spend my creative time. My craftroom is really tiny, but I love it nonetheless and I'm happy I can have it just for myself, no need to share ;) Well, it's actually so small that sharing would be rather impossible, it's even difficult to take photos of the inside - but do feel welcome and come in!

Yes, it's that small :) And I usually need to keep it tidy as there's no door, I didn't want to waste the space. I wanted to make the most of the little room I have and thus many drawers and shelves. Ikea white furniture seems quite popular with scrappers worldwide, and I'm no different ;) Their drawers and shelves are really great. I chose the glass-door showcases to give the room a sense of lightness, and to avoid mess I keep my stuff in boxes and d-ring binders.

The boxes on top contain, apart from embellishments, also cards and notebooks I made as I create for sale too. In the binders you can see on the shelves I store my stamps, stickers and rubons.

And here's how I store stamps: I place them on thick acetate binding covers and slide into transparent pockets. Tip: to avoid cutting the pockets, round  the lower corners of the acetate sheets with a corner punch :)

The next two shelves contain my papers and DT boxes, 6x6 paper pads, BIA wires and my Biggie :) I also keep some of my layouts in the large white box on top:

The right side of the room is the work area. I built my desk using various pieces of the Alex drawer system, a Hemnes desk add-on unit, a 2 m kitchen top and white wall shelves:

I spotted these cute tins in some cheap this-and-that store - they contain mini roses organised by colours:

Here's a close look on the shelving construction ;) You can see a collection of my season-themed paper-mache houses as well as cards and tags by my crafty friends. Tin cars contain flair buttons, below them I placed my collection of Tim Holtz stamps. Boxes store various small embellies:

Here is my media work place ;) In the smal drawer organizers I keep brads and buttons. Above you can see my stash of dye inks. There's also my first diecutting machine, the good ol' raspberry Spellbinders :)

Another step to the right're out of the room :)
I've been loving this space for about 6 years now, and it started a cappucino brown:

...but last year I fell in love with these babies:

..and had no choice but to adapt the rest of the room! LOL Which version do you like more?

Thank you very much for visiting my little creative escape :-)


Scrappy Chick said...

I adore your space!! You have done a fabulous job with a small space. I'm like you and like to keep my craft space clean between the moment mine is chaotic.
You have some beautiful ideas. We are getting an IKEA nearby this year and I am so excited!

Lee-Anne said...

Beautiful space! I love Ikea too. Love the blue walls and white furniture and everything is so organized and pretty.

Mycreativescrapbook said...

I love your space, it is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

Patty McGovern-Pughs Marketing Newsletter said...

I am in the middle of organizing a very small scrapbook room in our second home. Your scrap room tour has so many wonderful ideas for working in a small space. I love your blue walls and white furniture. What a lovely place to create! I see a trip to IKEA in my future. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room.

Anonymous said...

Maja, I just LOVE your workspace. Sure its little, but looks very cosy. I too, have a small area which is chaos at the moment. As a single parent its very hard to afford all the furniture I will need (from IKEA, of course) to complete my space, however I guess it will happen eventually. I LOVE your colour scheme, the blue one and lots of wonderful ideas for storing your many bits and pieces. TFS your gorgeous craft space.

Oliwiaen said...

Thank you so much, ladies :) I'm so happy you like my tiny craftroom :) Actually, the colour used to be all-cappucino and now it's one arctic blue wall and the ceiling and the other walls are grey - just like those cotton-ball lights ;) I also shoud have mentioned it wasn't furnished all at once, it took me about 2 years to gather everything, so don't get discouraged if your budget is limited. Wishing you all making your craft dreams come true! :)

Busy Bucharoo said...

I LOVE your scrap room! Mine is very similar in size and shape except one wall slants up. (It's an attic room)I used the storage units from Michael's for a workspace along the low wall. I have an old metal cabinet for storage, but now I'm thinking it's time to replace that with your IKEA glass door storage. Thanks for the great ideas.
I like your room in both colors.