Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mixed Media Layout Tutorial by Jackie Clark!

Hi there! It's my turn on the My Creative Scrapbook blog today to share a step-by-step tutorial for completing this mixed media layout. If you aren't following the MCS blog, you're missing out on tons of inspiration and tutorials. Be sure to check it out and follow!

Start by tearing a strip out of the centre of the C'est La Vie paper.

Adhere the Oui Oui paper behind it.

Adhere scraps from other projects (mine are scraps from the second sheets of Oui Oui and C'est La Vie). I adhere the centres of the scraps, but leave the edges loose.

I print many of my photos in 4x6, only to later decide that I want them to be a different dimension. By printing them with a border, I can trim them down later and adhere the border back on for a smaller print that still looks finished.

Trim the centre piece to the proper dimensions.

Adhere the two edge pieces under the middle piece without trimming them any further, and voila, you have a smaller print with finished edges, and no one will notice that you pared it down.

Next, add some stencilling through the Crafters Workshop stencil. I painted in the circles and splatters with mist and a fine paintbrush.

Don't worry if it isn't perfect - you are going to add tons of layers on top of it. Add in some splatters.

Trace around the dried stencilling with a black journaling pen.

Repeat with another colour of mist, and trace around that as well once it is dry.

Add some mesh stencilling using the same stencil in another colour. I used pink to tie the pink in the centre of the layout to the rest of the layout. I didn't have any pink paint, so I mixed mica powder with gel medium to make my own paint.

Layer on pieces of the tear strips from the bottom of the sheets in the collection.

Add stamping. I used a round stich stamp set to complement the stencilled circles.

Add in some more splatters of mist (I used the teal Color Bloom spray from the kit along with a pink mist from my stash).

While the mist is still wet, sprinkle with clear embossing powder and heat set for a wet look and some added texture.

Adhere chipboard pieces from the kit.

To make the flowers go farther, and to prevent all of your flowers from looking the same, tear some of the flowers apart into layers.

Cut the bottom layer apart, and adhere the layers on top of one another for a more dimensional flower.

Add the dark resin Prima frame from the kit, and adhere your flowers around where your photo will be.

Position your photo (but don't adhere it yet), and add extra layers of paper and chipboard at the bottom, and finish it off with a flower.

Cut one of the dark Cartographer flowers in half and add to the top left and bottom right of the photo.

Don't be afraid to customize your embellishments to fit your layout.

The medallion from the kit is easily transformed by folding the ribbons under and adhering one of the druzzy stone brads (I cut off the metal fasteners and hot glued it on).

Add your medallion and other brads to the background.

Adhere sequins from the kit to the background.

I use Gel Medium to secure them as it dries clear (pictured here wet).

Add splatters of white paint to the background. This is why I didn't adhere the photo earlier - I find it easier to splatter without having to worry about getting paint on my photo.

And the completed project:

If you haven't picked up your January kit yet, be sure to check out the My Creative Scrapbook store.

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Carol Brown said...

Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

Monique Liedtke said...

This is amazing!! Thanks for the step-by-step!

Anna Bardis said...

Nicely done.. Wonderful...

Natalie Dill said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial. I'd rather see a photo tutorial than watch a YT video and I always admire these pages, but have no idea how to make them!