Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Use Chalkboard Paint Plus Tips for Making the Most of Your Kit by Joan Bronson

DT member Joan Bronson is up today with a variety of tips featuring our July Creative Kit!

Here's Joan:


This month I stretched myself to use some tools I've had in my possession and never tried;
chalk board paint and a chalk marker.  I used this months sketch from www.mycreativesketches.blogspot.com as my inspiration. 
I used the stencil included in the Creative kit and painted the chalkboard paint using a sponge brush.  I let the paint dry well before proceeding. 
Next I used a piece of chalk to "chalk up" the circles then rubbed it off.  It helped make the chalkboard circles look more like a chalk board and less like black circles.  Lastly, I used my chalk pen to add some words and the hearts next to "Fabulous".  The chalk pen works so much better than using chalk.  It doesn't rub off like chalk does but it does rub a little to make sure it still looks like chalk.  Lastly, I used some cardstock circles and some fabulous pictures of my niece. 
I should also mention I took a fine tip pink journaling pen to the tips of the flower petals.  I am happy it came out so cute.

I wanted to give you a couple tips on the other layouts I made.

For this layout, I inked the wood circles with red and blue inks.  You may notice the words "Brother" and "Super Hero" are red with a black background.  I used random black letters from the sticker sheet (like Z and Q) first then topped it with the red letters.  I used the black letters not typically used so I wouldn't use up the more common letters I might need somewhere else. 
I was playing around with the wood pieces in the Creative kit and started putting them together.  Then I had a wonderful idea to use it in my layout.  I sampled different paints in my stash in an effort to match the colors in the paper as close as possible. 

 I painted each circle and let them dry before assembling my colorful embellishment.
I will also mention that when you create a two page layout you have to be a bit creative with the paper you use.  For this layout I only cut small strips of the striped paper for the top and bottom of each page rather than running an entire piece on the background.  If I hadn't done this, I wouldn't be able to create this layout. 

Here is another layout I had to use some creativity to accomplish the look.  I used one piece of paper for the background.  I sliced the paper and flipped the color side over to the front.  I grabbed some washi tape in my stash and taped the two parts of my paper together in the back.  Now I have a 12x12 layout which looks like it was created using two pieces of paper but really only used one.  As you know, I like to get a lot of layouts out of my MCS kits.  By using just one piece of paper for my background I was able to stretch my paper even further and make more layouts.

This is such a fabulous kit full of color.  Have fun Creating!



Be sure to check out Joan's beautiful work in our Design Team Gallery!

Here's the July Creative Kit:

We invite you to join us and experience the possibilities that our coordinated monthly kits offer. To purchase a kit, please visit our website, here.


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Awesome tutorial, Love this

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Yes! Awesome tutorial! Great pages, too!