Friday, June 22, 2012

Flower Tutorial and Techniques with Carla

Hello everyone!  We hope you've had a very nice week.  To kick off the weekend, Design Team member Carla Marchee is sharing a fabulous flower tutorial plus some bonus flower-altering tips!

Here's Carla with her tutorial...

I adore to just punch out flowers.  So now I have to share already another awesome flower made with this creating design, and with pleasure and fun I want to share with you how I have made this.

Supplies - what you need to make this awesome flower:
** Cartel scissors
** Paint brush
** Flower punch
** Tweezers
** Glimmer glam two colors
** Distress ink
** Glue or Dots

STEP 1: Punch some flowers out- middle size and little size

STEP 2: Cut at the top of the flower with the Cartel scissors for ruffle effect.

STEP 3: Lubricating the flowers then in with glimmer glam to give them extra glitter and also stiffen the flower.

STEP 4: Do with the tweezers pinch in middle of the petal
and curl the little bit inwards (see picture please).

STEP 5: Ink the edges of the tops of the flowers.

STEP 6: Glue or with dots all your layers together and push the small flower into the middle and place at last a pearl in the center.

Here is the closeup when it's finished.

Next, what I have done with this beautiful neutral Prima flower that came in the Main Kit.

I just wanted to match the color of my shirt so what I have done into the center of the flower is colored first with Copic marker.  Because it's now too delightful and glaring over there, with gesso made little bit softer color.

I am now having a new fave LOL :) to play with glimmer glam.
What I have done to create depth in the flower is painting following the veins.

As you head into your weekend, we hope you'll give some of Carla's flower techniques a try!


Tanya Desmond said...

What a great tutorial! I love to customize my stuff.

Tanya Desmond said...

I love this tutorial! Its always so fun to alter stuff. I need to get some gesso.