Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scrap Space Saturday with Nicole Doiron

It's Scrap Space Saturday!  Today we're featuring the space of My Creative Scrapbook guest designer Nicole Doiron.

Here's Nicole:

When my fiance and I were shopping for a house in 2011, it was a requirement for him and for me to each have our own 'studio', a room to make our own! Since we don't have any kids, it is a bit easier to be a little selfish – hehe We found the perfect home with a big den in the basement and 2 extra rooms (on top of the 3 upstairs). So I consider myself very blessed to have my own scraproom.

Last month, I decided I desperately needed some reorganizing so I started moving furniture around, bought fancy baskets and went on a total OCD organizing rampage! I am still not finished – I want to add artwork on the walls and a little decorating elements here and there, and god knows, I can always use some more organizing tips to make it even better.

I will give you the tour of the room, going from left to right…

This is a view from the door…

Right as you walk in, there is a big 9-cube shelf on the left wall. I store all my albums in the bottom cubes (I have ever since given up on putting my layouts in albums – all my layouts from the last 2 years are stored in big plastic containers in another room). In the middle cubes are bling, gems and miscellaneous embellishments. In the top cubes are flowers and leaves.

I have 2 baskets full of Prima goodies, and the other basket is full of any other brand of flower you can think of.

On this furniture, I showcase a few of my creations and I have little glass jars holding all my buttons sorted by color.

Next to the huge 9-cube furniture, I have 2 paper racks that I bought from an old LSS that closed shop and a shelf with brads, eyelets, trinkets, floss, crystals… In the corner is my media center and Cricut!

Where I emboss, distress, paint and destroy! :)

I keep a lot of my larger punches on this shelf, and the ones that I use most often. The rest are in one of those plastic shoe organizers hooked to the inside of my door.

Right in the corner in the small plastic shelves, i have 3 baskets full of twine, ribbons, lace, etc

I bought these cubes at Michael's just last month (thanks to my best friend Christine who picked them up for me) and I love them! I keep all my ink pads, stickles, mists, stains, stencils, pictures here.

I picked up all these cute little baskets at the Dollarstore. Aren't they perfect?

My Distress ink pads and some mistable flowers and leaves.

Another look at my creative corner, featuring the Queen of the room… no, not ME, but Sugar the cat! :)

Here is the wall to the right of door, facing me when I'm sitting at my creative corner. From left to right, you can see plastic drawers on wheels which mostly holds wood-mounted rubber stamps, pictures, and unfinished layouts. The basket on top is filled with mini chipboard albums of various shapes.

I then have an old dresser (that needs repainting!) with all sorts of miscellaneous stuff inside that i'd rather keep hidden – haha!

Next is my 'sticker cart' as I call it. The plastic double-drawer on top holds printed inspiration such as sketches, tutorials, layouts, etc. The basket is filled with blank cards with matching envelopes.

On the next shelf, you can find anything from flowers I use a little less to acrylic stamps to finished cards (in the wicker baskets) to corrugated cardboard to magazines.

Then I have 2 small cube shelves that hold anything alphabet and anything chipboard. The fancy fabric baskets on top are filled with paper collections, all kept in 13x13 inch ziploc bags (that I paid a fortune in shipping costs to get here) and sorted alphabetically by manufacturer.

Here is a close-up of one of my paper baskets!

And that is it, friends! My little piece of 'Heaven on Earth' :)
Thanks for dropping by! 


Nicole Doiron
My Creative Scrapbook guest designer


We would love to hear what you think about Nicole's scrap space ideas!


Grace said...

What a pretty scrap room. So organised. I wish I had a big room like yours. Mine's just a cubby.

Julia said...

Lovely scrap room!!! I would love to come scrap with you in there any day!!!

pattyo said...

Looks wonderful to me!

Bonnie aka Cinnabon said...

Looks like a sweet place to create! Love how organized you are!