Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Gift Box Tutorial by Shell Carman

Design Team member Shell Carman is here today with a step-by-step tutorial for recreating her gorgeous gift box using the December Main Kit.

Here's Shell...

Hi There!
It is always handy to be able to make a few gift boxes at this time of year! This size box is perefct for things like chocolates or Christmas baked goodies!

Here is what we are making today

Now to be honest I actually pulled apart a coffee capsule carton & used it as a template to get my measurements. some of the measurements are very specific as I have just gone from the template I traced!

You will need
X2 sheets kraft or any cardstock
X1 sheet pattern paper
score tool

1. Take 1 sheet of kraft cardstock. Rule a 12'X5' rectangle. Mark in 3'2/4 on both sides on the 12' side. Rule a line down 3'2/4 on both marks. Joine the 2 lines together.
You now have a 12X5' rectangle (A) connected to a 32/4X5.5' rectangle (B)

2. On Part B mark 2/4 down on the 5' side on both sides
On Part B mark 1' across on the 12' side on both sides. Rule a line between these 2 marks on both sides. This forms a small triangle on both sides

3. Cut out the template

4. Cut away the small triangles

5. On Part A score at 7/8, 4 1/4' (all the way down through to Part B) 7' 7/8 (all the way down to Part B) & 7/8'
Also score along the line where Part A & B connect
put this piece (1) aside for now

6. Take the second sheet of Kraft cardstock. Rule a 6.5'X4X6/8 rectangle
Mark in 1 3/4' on both sides of 6.5' side
Rule 5'6/8 down on both marks
Join the lines together
You now have a 6.5' X4 6/8 (A) rectangle connected to a 5 6/8X3 6/8 (B) rectangle

7. Cut the template out

8. On Part A score 1 3/4 & 5 2/4 down & 1 3/4 across
On Part B score 4 6/8 across & 10 1/4 across
On Part A score 2 diagonal marks in the top 2 squares
put this piece (2) aside for now

9. Take template 1 . fold along all the scored lines. Place double sided tape on the outside of all the tabs

10. Take template 2. Fold along all the scored lines. Place double sided tape on the outside of the bottom tab.

11. Take template 1. Stick the bottom tabs to side flaps. You should now have a standing rectangle box with 3 sides

12. Take template 2. Stick bottom tab along bottom of template 1

13. Remove remaining tape & fold template 2 up & stick to template 1.
You should now how a complete rectangle box with a lid the folds over

14. stick the little triangle folds on the lid together to tidy it up

15. Decorate with pattern paper & emellishements as desired

I hope you enjoy making this little project!

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