Monday, January 29, 2018

Creative Kit with Alicia!

I love my cricut machine but getting it out and using it regularly can sometimes be a chore.  So, when I do venture out and decide to use the machine, I like to get my use out of every cut.  

On this page that I created with January's creative kit, I decided to find my favorite snowflake pattern on my cricut and create a snowflake template background with the red cardstock.

I literally stuck my cardstock to the mat and cut one large snowflake, and then I moved it over a little to the left, and cut a smaller snowflake.  I played around with my machine until I had 4 identical snowflakes of different sizes to create a background for my winter photo of my daughters.

After I completed that page, I then had 4 snowflakes left from the cutouts that I decided to use as embellishments on this page:

So, with the one cut on the machine, I was able to create two wintery pages.

Be creative.  Be inventive.  Find ways to make the most of all your cricut cuts on all your projects.

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