Friday, February 17, 2017

Tassels Tutorial with Morag !

Tassels are a lovely detail to add to any layout or card.

But did you know that it is really simple to create your own?

Step 1-
You will need some embroidery thread or floss, a small piece of card slightly wider that the required length of the tassel. I have a couple of lengths; 1.5” and 1” for the tiny tassels. If you have a fancy thread such as this gold thread – this will add a special finishing touch. I also used a jump ring to hang the tassel but you can use the same floss.

Step 2 -
Wind the floss around the card. You will need to experiment with the number of turns and the thickness of your thread.

Step 3 -
This bit can be a little tricky. You need to pass the jump ring around the thread, or, if you are using the floss, then feed a length of floss under the thread and secure.
Then you will need to take the thread off the card taking care to hold it tightly at the top.

Step 4 -
Holding onto the the tassel to ensure it all stays in place, wind the gold thread tightly as shown. Secure with a small knot.

Step 5 -
            Carefully cut the bottom of the tassel.

Step 6 -
      I trim the bottom of my tassel for a nice even finish.

       Why not try making your own tassels in a selection of colors to match your layouts?

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