Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ribbon Pleating Technique By Jennifer !

Hello everyone!!
Today, I have an easy technique tutorial to share with you all today using the My Creative Scrapbook  February 2017 Limited Edition Kit.
I am going to show you a quick and easy ribbon pleating technique that in addition to adding some gorgeousness to your projects will also add some dimension and texture as well!!!
You Will Need:
Ribbon or you can use lace (no particular length, just long enough to complete your desired look)
Glue stick
Hot glue gun
Note***I didn't use anything, but if you fear being burnt from the hot glue you might want something to press the ribbon or lace down onto the hot glue instead of your finger such as a popsicle stick or something similar.
Step 1:
The first thing you are going to want to do is go ahead and that your hot glue gun plugged in and turned on so it's ready for use.
Step 2:
Cut your ribbon or lace to your desired length (keep in mind you are going to be pleating it and that will take up some length).
Step 3:
Start your ribbon or lace pleat by placing a small dot of hot glue where you'd like the beginning of your pleat to begin. Then you want to adhere your lace or ribbon to this glue immediately before it dries.
remember when adhering the ribbon or lace to your project with the hot glue that this could potentially burn your fingers, so to avoid being injured you may choose to use something else aside from your finger as I have shown such as a popsicle stick
Step 4:
Once your hot glue has dried and your ribbon or lace is tightly secured to your project your going to make your first pleat by back folding your ribbon or lace over the secured section. With this part you can really be creative in that you may choose  to put your pleats into a nice straight line, or you could make them a bit uneven as I did to mine, it's really all a matter of preference.
Step 5:
Continue your pleats until you have achieved your desired look.
Step 6:
You may choose to use up all of your ribbon or lace in the pleats or leave a tail as I have on my project.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed my tutorial and are inspired to create your own masterpiece!

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