Friday, January 27, 2017

Design Team Craft Room Tour: Tracy's Scrappy Space

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to see other people's crafty spaces.
Whether it's a little tidy nook away from it all, a huge organized perfectly pretty space or pure crafty chaos....I love it all. I like to find new storage ideas, or even products people love that I haven't tried yet. So we at My Creative Scrapbook thought we would start sharing our crafty spaces for fun.

So first off, is my space...Tracy McLennon that is.
My husband and I recently moved, and I was thrilled to be able to now have a space large enough to have all of my crafty goodies out and at my fingertips. I have en eclectic design style in my craft room, repurposing lots of things into crafty storage. I mix and match colours, materials and elements to create my perfect space.

This first image is of almost my whole space. It takes up half of a larger basement room. I'm lucky to have pretty great light for being in the basement, so even crafting in the evening isn't a problem at all. The only thing missing is my giant rolling chair. It's not pretty, and it blocks the view.
Tracy Fun Fact #1: I sit cross legged pretty much all the time, so I have a large rolling desk chair that I can do that comfortably in.

This shelving unit and the drawers next to it, kind of holds all of the odds and ends. Embellishments, letter stickers, extra ribbon, labels etc. 
Tracy Fun Fact #2: I love monkeys, and you will see lots of them scattered around my craft space.

Then I have this white shelving unit, and it holds all of my stamps, dies, stencils, chipboard and extra adhesives. The red bin on the floor holds all of my favourite punches.
Tracy Fun Fact #3: I don't like pointy french fries, it doesn't have anything to do with crafting....I just don't like them.

I have 2 folding tables in an L shape in the corner of the room and this is my work space. The area in the photo above is my side work space. I do my stamping, image colouring and sometimes it acts as my laptop work space.
I bought these wooden shelves built for holing tole paints, at a yard sale. I took the rungs out of them and now use them for mixed media and stamp pad storage. On the top I put items that make me smile.

This large wooden crate was once filled with tulip bulbs and came from Holland. Now it's my corner shelving unit that holds some pretty things, and crafty odds and ends.

This is my main work area. It has everything that I use on a regular basis right at my fingertips. I will admit, it does NOT always look quite like this. But after every project, I like to clean up completely and start the next creative journey.
Tracy Fun Fact #4: I painted the painting above my workspace at a local "Paint Night" with friends. When I look at it, it reminds me of some fabulous people in my life.

Tracy Fun Fact #5- My tool bag has more bits and pieces of me on it. For example, Optimus Primes head, more monkeys, the bracelet I wore at our wedding and a pin of the 4th Doctor Who....because my husband looks A LOT like him, I don't actually watch the show.

This is my ribbon rack. I made this rack myself, by upcycling the sides of an old crib. It leans close to the wall, so that the ribbon doesn't fall out the back. On the floor are baskets and milk crates. Milk crates can be found at Walmart or other stores like it. They are fabulous for holding 12x12 paper. The 2 in the photo above hold my extra cardstock. The basket holds my extra kits, all bagged separately.

This final space is an old cutting board topped island that used to be in our kitchen.
The top holds my paints, brushes and a few other odds and ends.
Below there are 2 shelves that hold large bins where I keep finished cards, unfinished to be altered items and other complete randomness.

Well....that's about it. Like any space, it's constantly changing bit by bit as I get more comfortable.
I hope you liked my little tour!
Stay tuned for more Design Team Craft Room Tours very soon!


Carol Brown said...

What an awesome space. Tfs

TracyL said...

Very nice! :)

Janet Zeppa said...

Your space looks great! I love the combination of crafty and personal items. Bright and fun!!

Monique Liedtke said...

So fun to see your space! Thanks for the tour!

jen t. said...

Beautiful space!

jen t. said...

Beautiful space!

jen t. said...

Beautiful space!

Aimee Kidd said...

Great scrappy space! I love the shelf that holds all your ribbon!

Angel said...

Love your Space Tracey. Give me the ump I need to clean mine up.. :) Thanks for sharing...

Marilyn said...

Awesome space Tracey! I love the racks with all the paints. I have a similar organization with my paints and inks...I need to see the products if not I forget that I have and don't use it.