Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Repurposed Embellishment Tutorial by Jenifer Evans

We have some really pretty and extra sparkly inspiration for you today from our December guest designer Jenifer Evans!

Here's Jenifer...

Hello Everyone!!
I have a fun little tutorial to share with you today using the December 2016 Limited Edition Kit!!
Guys I am just in love with this kit, it is just so jammed packed with gorgeousness, when I opened it, I literally gasped! So as I was looking through all the goodies in the kit, I came across this beautiful bottle with a Christmas tree and glitter inside….immediately had so many ideas as to what I might do with this unique embellishment…..I decided I was going to repurpose the bottle along with the contents inside! So without further ado I am going to share this process with you!
Supplies Needed:
Paper (I used paper from the kit)
Prima bottle embellishment from the kit
Glitter tray, paper plate or paper (anything to catch the excess glitter)
Cut strip of paper approximately the length and height you need for your project (I just needed a very small strip). I then a shape of dripping icicles freehanded (you can draw this very lightly with pencil first before cutting if you need to as you will be covering the shape anyway).
Once my shape was cut, I covered it generously with a thick coat of gesso. You can also you texture paste for this as well as the thicker and more textured you get it, the more realistic it will look. I just used a dobber for mine, but you can use a paint brush with dabbing motions as you are putting on the gesso or texture paste to achieve a thicker, rough texture.
You want to complete this step rather quickly before the gesso or texture paste begins to dry, so I suggest having the Prima bottle embellishment close by with the lid off and the tree out (to get the tree out you can shake it towards the top and grasp it with your fingers OR  with a pair of tweezers).  Once you are done covering the icicle with gesso or texture paste, dump the glitter from the bottle over the wet icicle (this is best done over a glitter tray, paper plate or a piece of paper to catch the excess glitter).
Once you have completely covered the icicle with glitter from the bottle, shake off the excess.
The final step, is to set it aside and allow it to dry completely before adhering it to your project!
My final results
I used this EXACT same process for my snowflake chipboard as I did to cover my icicle, this is my finished result!
When I was all finished with both my faux icicle and snowflake I STILL had some left over glitter, so I decided to brush some of the flowers from the kit with some gesso and apply some glitter to them as well for some added sparkle and shine!
After I was all finished up with the glitter from the bottle, I decided I wanted to use the bottle for something real special.....a keepsake ornament. So I will also share with you a tutorial on how I repurposed the bottle into an ornament.
Supplies Needed
 From the December LE Kit:
Left over, empty Prima bottle embellishment
Gold sequins
1 1/2" width by approximately 3 1/2" length paper with sentiment written on it
Prima Christmas tree sticker
Punched snowflake
Number '25' fussy cut from one of the kit papers
Gold twine
Red ribbon
Hot glue
Make sure the glitter bottle is rinsed out and thoroughly dried
Cut the thread at the end of the strand of sequins to allow the sequins to slip off the thread
Cut the excess thread from the strand of sequins, roll up the sentiment and secure it with the thread from the sequins.
Place both sequins and sentiment inside the bottle.
Tie a piece of the gold twine around the Christmas tree sticker embellishment. Then adhere the tree, snow flake and fussy cut '25' to the bottle with hot glue.
My Final Results
I hope you liked my tutorial, thanks for taking the time to check it out! I hope that I have inspired you to get creative and think outside the box with your kit supplies!
Take care!


   Here is the December Limited Edition Kit:

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