Monday, March 14, 2016

How to Journal With Your Computer by Jaclyn Rench

Design Team member Jaclyn Rench is sharing how she used her computer to print her journaling for her March Main Kit scrapbook pages!

Here's Jaclyn!

Everyone has their own reason and purpose for scrapbooking, am I right?!  For me it's just as much about printing and preserving the pictures, as it is the actual story and memory.  Because of this, I love to journal on my pages and often find myself including lots of words and details.  Long stories can often take up lots of real estate on your page, especially if you tend to be wordy (like I am!).

To ensure that I have plenty of room for my photos and all of the FUN stuff - papers, embellishments, stickers, etc. I almost always choose computer journaling for my pages.  It allows me to squeeze in all of the story (by adjusting my font type and size) and still have space for everything else.  I also love that my pages look clean and organized with printed text and I really like the design element it adds throughout my page.

Journaling with your computer could not be easier, when you follow these simple steps.

First measure the space on your page where your journaling will reside.  This will allow you to create an appropriately sized text box and/or measure out the text, in your word processing program. 

Once typed, simply print your journaling on plain old computer paper.

Once printed, you'll need a temporary adhesive and a light source (a nearby window or lamp should do the trick).  Hold the computer paper to your light source and use the temporary adhesive to align your tag, label or journaling block to the printed page.

Now simply run the computer paper, with attached piece, back through the printer, being sure to insert the page correctly, and print!

The results are easy and polished!  Here are a few examples of where I used this technique on the pages I designed with the March kit:

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