Sunday, January 31, 2016

Instagram Favorites from January

Are you on Instagram?  We are and we love connecting with so many of each day!  You can find us at username @mycreativescrapbookofficial or at this link!

It's fun to see on there what projects really catch your eye each month!  We thought it would be fun to share what the top projects on Instagram are each month, so be on the lookout for this fun post the last day of the month!

This month we are going to show you which projects from each designer were most popular (sometimes two if they did two kits)!


The most popular Instagram projects from each Main Kit Designer

Lee-Anne Thornton

Tracy McLenonon

Kris Berc

Jaclyn Rench

Christine Meyer

Alicia Giess

Angel Rodrigue


Next up we have the most popular projects from our Limited Edition Kit Designers!
Michelle McDonald

Sandi Clarkson

Marilyn Rivera

Marta Lapkowska


Last up we have the most popular projects from our Creative Kit team!
Christine Meyer

Alicia Giess

Tracy McLennon

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