Friday, August 14, 2015

How to Create a Circular Chevron Background Element by Christine Meyer

Design Team member Christine Meyer is up today to share how she created the amazing chevron circle on this August Main kit layout!

Here's Christine:

I used the chevrons paper in the kit to create this unique circular element that has a quilt feel to it!  Here's how I pulled it together!

First you will want to trace a 10 inch circle on your base cardstock.  This will serve as your guide for where to lay out the chevrons.  Then cut out a column of chevrons. Individually cut on chevrons - they can be different thicknesses and one color or more - mine are a huge variety.

You will need approximately 36 (more or less depending on your circle size).

Start attaching tehm so that the center point touches the circle.  Once you have put them all on, erase the pencil lines. 

I also cut out a slightly larger circle and used that to guide me on the placement of my little letters for journaling.  Using that as a guide made it way easier to actually keep the circle going!


and here are more of Christine's layouts created with our August Main kit:

Here's the beautiful kit:

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Amy Voorthuis said...

Oh gosh how creative....your first layout is absolutly incredable WOWSERS thevrest are great too ❤❤❤ xox Amy