Saturday, June 14, 2014

Scrap Space Saturday with Sandi Clarkson

It has been awhile since we've had a Scrap Space Saturday post for you, so we're switching things up today with some scrap space organizational tips from Sandi Clarkson!

Here's Sandi:


Hello, everybody! Sandi here with you today sharing a quick organizational project that I did shortly before our June Kit Reveal. 

My stencils and masks were in a bit of a mess! They were mostly in drawers but some were hanging on hooks and everything was bursting at the seams. With more stencils coming in the mail, I decided that I had to stop and take time to organize them better. 

So, I pulled out an old post bound scrapbook album that was given to me. Since I use strap hinge and D-ring (and plastic bins), this was just sitting around not being utilized. I thought it might make a nice home for my 12x12 stencils! 

So, I pulled my stencils out of their packing and trimmed the packing down to 12x12. Then I slid the packaging into the page protector and placed the stencil in front of that. I considered using all matching card stock as a backing but thought I'd function better using the manufacturer packing since I was accustomed to seeing it that way. 

On the back of the packaging I wrote the name of the stencil ... if I still remembered it or it was labelled already. 

I kept moving along trimming and placing everything so that all the like manufacturers were grouped together. Since Prima often labels by product number, that part of the packing was important to me.  You can see that the stencils do stick out a bit at the top since they are longer in height than 12 inches.

Some stencils were more difficult to insert and I found that standing the album upward helped me get all the detail within the page protector with less effort. 

I'm sharing this close-up to show you why you need to wash your stencils right away after using molding paste or gesso.  Yes, it stays on the stencil and they look yucky as well as not being as functional.  This was a favorite, too! 

After doing 27 of these, I was done  with all my 12x12 stencils and masks.  Of course, I left some extra page protectors empty for my ever-growing collection! Now, only time will tell how well this system works! But at least it looks a bit more tidy for right now. 

Now … I have to figure out what to do with my 6x6s. For now, they went back in the drawer! 

Thanks for coming by today! 


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Great ideas.. thank you for sharing your system with us