Thursday, May 29, 2014

Step by Step Layout Tutorial by Guest Designer Jenny Evans

My Creative Scrapbook guest designer Jenny Evans has prepared a step by step a tutorial featuring our May Main Kit!

Here's Jenny:


Hi everyone!!

Today we are going to go through the basic steps that I take when putting together a layout. Today's layout is named: We Do Love. I got the idea for the title from one of the journaling cards that came in the kit. You know, the 12x12 sheet full of project life type cards. Yep, one of those. I actually really love cutting those up and using them as titles, or adding layers to my projects.

Okay, Here is what the layout will look like when completely finished:

So, my first step, which is a pretty big step, is to completely plan my layout, and do my layout, WITHOUT adhering anything down.

As you can see from the photo below, I have already pulled papers, embellishments, stickers, etc. I have already cut my papers to the size I want, and pulled lots of extra embellishments, as I am never too sure as to how I will finish off a layout.

My next step is to do the background. I adhere whatever I have for the background down, and add any stitching that I have pre-planned in my head.

My next step is to adhere all my main layering pieces. For this layout, that includes the photo area and the title area. After I have adhered these big pieces down, I go ahead and add any stitching I plan to do.

And, my final step, which is usually the most fun, I add in the embellishings, journaling (if applicable) and the title. I love adhering embellishings and title pieces with paper clips, or stitching or staples or any other way that adds some dimension.

Here is the final layout, again, and some detailed photos:


Don't forget to check out Jenny's beautiful work in our Design Team Gallery!

Here's the Main Kit:

We invite you to join us and experience the possibilities that our coordinated monthly kits offer. To purchase a kit, please visit our website, here.

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Maremi's Small Art said...

Great tutorial, thank you so much for sharing your ideas. xx Marta