Monday, January 20, 2014

Scrap Space: Paper Organization by Joan Bronson

My Creative Scrapbook design team member Joan Bronson is up today sharing a look at how she organizes her paper!

Here's Joan:


I wanted to share a couple tips on how I organize my paper. I've tried several different methods but I have so much paper I found that my current method works best for me (at least right now ).

I store most of my pattern paper and kits by theme. I found my stackers at Michaels. I like them because each case snaps closed so I can grab a container of themed paper and take it with me if I need to in addition to having it stored in a convenient location. I keep thinking I'll make fancy labels for my containers but until that happens, a label maker works great to help identify how the paper is stored. By the way, my son loves to make labels for me! He may not do a perfect job but it helps him feel like he is a part of my creative process.

Any paper that doesn't fit into a theme gets stored in a crate. I use 12x12 chipboard pieces to separate my paper into sections. One section has single sheets, another section is for duplicate papers i.e. I have two of the same paper. My largest section is for coordinating papers and kits. I place all my coordinating papers and kits in clear plastic sleeves along with any coordinating embellishments I have. This way if I decide I want to work that particular kit or paper line I can grab the sleeve and some cardstock and I should have most if not all of the items I need to make a layout.

I use another crate to store my cardstock. I sort my cardstock into Cropper Hopper sleeves (found these at Hobby Lobby and Archiver's years ago). They are pretty durable and easy to grab. I store my paper by color. I store all my scraps right along with the larger papers this way I'm more likely to use them. They are also easy to grab and go when I'm meeting friends to scrap.


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Elizabeth said...

Wonderful organization. Many of these ideas are similar to what I'm working toward, but I definitely found a few tips I'll be integrating.