Friday, May 17, 2013

Burlap Tips & Tricks by Guest Designer Joan Bronson

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Today My Creative Scrapbook Guest Designer Joan Bronson is sharing some great tips for creative uses of the burlap sheet included in our May Album kit.

Here's Joan:

"I love all the extras included in the kits each month, they challenge me to try new techniques and products to create with. This month my new challenge was to use the 12x12 red burlap in the album kit. The weave of the burlap is very loose so it didn’t take me long to figure out I couldn’t do much with it as it came. This is my attempt to make a rolled flower!

After my failed attempt at the flower it was suggested I try a fabric stiffener or Mod Podge. Both work well but I stuck with the Mod Podge to complete my projects. I used a sponge brush (my kids ran off with that so I finished with a makeup applicator).

Here are a few tips you might find helpful.

1. The red bleeds a little so be sure you are working on a surface you don’t mind turning red or can be cleaned.
2. Soak the burlap with Mod Podge well but without leaving much excess behind. I used a Gloss Mod Podge and it left some residue behind in places I had too much Mod Podge.
3. Use a heat gun to help speed the drying process if you can’t wait – like me.

Once the Burlap is dry I had a blast working with it.

Burlap Rolled flowers:
1. I cut a square of burlap for each flower. One was around 2 ½ x 2 ½ the other was about 3x3.
2. Cut a spiral circle from the square.

3. Starting on the outside of the spiral roll it up tightly. (If you’ve never done this before try with a piece of scrap paper first). After you roll the flower you can loosen the roll some if desired.

4. You can use the inside of the spiral the base of the flower. Add a strong adhesive to the inside of the spiral and stick your flower to it (or adhere your flower to a small piece of paper to help hold it together). Once the adhesive was dry I used my palm to smash my flowers a little so they sat a little flatter and opened a little more. Then I added them to my layout.

Burlap Border:
1. I used the cork scallop border from the sticker sheet as my template. Just stick it to the burlap and cut it out. A small fine tip scissors works best to snip between the scallops.

2. With the border sticker still in place, I used my Crop-A-Dial II Big Bite to punch the holes in the burlap. Any hole punch will work as long as it will punch through the burlap.
3. Now, carefully peel the sticker off the burlap and you should have a great looking boarder.

Burlap banner background:
1. Adhere the sticker banner to the burlap.
2. Using a fine tip marker, trace the banner on the burlap slightly wider than the banner.
3. Cut out the burlap banner, remove the sticker, and adhere the chipboard banner. *I used the sticker to outline the banner rather than the chipboard because I thought it would stick to the burlap better and be easier to trim around than the chipboard."

Joan Bronson
My Creative Scrapbook Guest Designer


Here's the May Album kit:

and here is Joan's beautiful work using the kit:

Thanks for joining us this month, Joan!

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