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Step by Step Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial by Carla Marchee

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Did you know that we offer Mixed Media add-on kits each month? But we don't just offer the kits... we also provide ideas and tutorials for how to use them.

In fact, My Creative Scrapbook Design Team member Carla Marchee has a wonderful mixed media tutorial to share with you right now!  Be sure to make it all the way to the end- Carla has wrapped things up with a slideshow video showing how she created her project from start to finish!

Here's Carla...

I've been having lots of fun to create this design with the amazing Mixed Media kit. I will tell you how I made this background, then I'll show how I painted the canvas with mixed media.

1 * First I used the packets of Prima clear paintables that are included in the mixed media kit.
2 * Then I ripped the canvas sheet to about 8 or 9 inches
3 * And then I stitched around it using my sewing machine.

Here's what I did next.

I used a sponge to apply white gesso.

Spray with the bottle of Heidi Swapp blue- this has a luminous glow effect. This is all done with wet on wet... spray paint/gesso. Then with a finger or brush, mix the spray into the gesso. Let that dry (takes about 10 minutes) or use a heatgun.

On the light dry spots, I filled in with brown and green distress ink.

See the pictures about this below.

With a brush and green paint you get an amazing effect- see picture.

Scoop a little molding paste and spread over your mask with your finger or sponge or palette knife where you want to start, I do only there- see photo.

If you use the flat bottom of the palette knife you get a thicker layer. Find out what works best for you for fixing the paste onto your mask.

Carefully lift the mask and clean it up immediately so it's easy to clean.

This is a {TIP}

Place mask where you want it and choose where to color with ink, tapping carefully.

Many different projects can be created using this basic mixed media painting technique- using different backgrounds and paint colors will give an endless array of backgrounds, ready to embellish and turn into wonderful piece of mixed media art.

Next, see what I have done with the canvas heart that was also included in the gorgeous kit.

Here's what you need:
* Whatever picture you like
* Heart sheet
* Gel medium
* Water

1* Cover the canvas with Gel medium using a paintbrush- not too much (makes for lots of bubbles and folds).

2* Stick the picture, face down, onto the canvas sheet. Cut around the canvas heart. Firmly smooth out all of the bubbles, and let this dry overnight.

3* Grab a spray bottle, make it good and wet, and wait a couple of minutes.

4* Gently rub wet paper off- it takes awhile to get it perfectly clean.

If you'd like... you can finish these off with Modge Podge- I have decided to leave it

And now... a start to finish video!

Carla Marchee
My Creative Scrapbook Design Team member


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