Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating Dimensional Leaves by Sandie Edwards

My Creative Scrapbook Design Team member Sandie Edwards is sharing how she creates her beautiful leaves featuring our March Limited Edition kit!

Here's Sandie...

How to Create Leaves

Scrap Pieces of Paper
Magic Mount
Distress Ink in Green
Brown Sharpie Pen

1. Using pencil, draw leaf shapes in various sizes on scrap paper as shown in photograph 2. It is best to do matching pairs of leaves, so cut the first out using sharp scissors, and use as a template to create a replica of the first leaf, shape and size. Do not stress about leaves not being a perfect shape, as no matter what shape, these leaves always look fantastic once completed on a layout.

2. After all leaf elements have been cut out, ink all edges using a green distress ink. There is no need to worry about rubbing out the pencil marks, as the ink will cover any remaining pencil. Ink one side edge of each leaf slightly more so than the other, this adds a shadow. (photograph 2)

3. Draw 3 random leaf lines as pictured in photograph 3, using a Brown Sharpie Pen.

4. Grab tip end of leaf in fingers, and base of leaf in your thumb, and squeeze the tip into a point only. Your thumb holds the lower area of the leaf flat. This adds dimension and shape to each leaf. See photograph 4.

5. Apply a magic mount piece to the base edge of the wrong side of each leaf only, and adhere each leaf in and around any flowers on your layout to complete. The reason for using Magic Mount, is add height, and thus, dimension. See photographs 5 and 6.

6. Optional: Stickles glitter glue can add a new sparkling element to leaves, by tracing with the glitter glue around all edges, once in position on your layout. Or, trace the drawn Sharpie Pen lines to add a little character to each leaf.


Sandie Edwards
My Creative Scrapbook Design Team member


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Sandra said...

Sandie these do look great and they"re perfect for the times when you can't find a leaf. TFS