Monday, October 22, 2012

Creating a 3D Background with Shell Carman

Design Team member Shell Carman created an amazing dimensional background for her layout and is here today to show us how she did it!

Here's Shell...

Hi There! Today I want to show you how I created the 3D background on this page

Close up it looks like this

Using the October Main Kit & a sheet of white cardstock & brown ink & Foam tape/foam dots
1. Take the MME Bluebell Playful mischief paper. Use the grid pattern & cut along the vertical lines
I find it much easier to work row by row on at a time so you don't end up with pieces everywhere.

2. Use your scissors & cut along the printed lines on the first row

Keep cutting the pieces for the first row

3. Place a strip of tape along the top of some cardstock

4. Take the smallest piece to start with. Ink the plain side & stick it down in the top left corner

5. Take the next piece & ink the BLUE PATTERN side this time. Use some foam tape & stick beside the first piece

6. Take the next piece & ink the plain side & stick beside second piece

7. Take the next piece & ink the BLUE PATTERN side & stick beside third piece with some foam tape

Continue to follow this order until the entire row has been stuck down ** Always alternate from plain to pattern side. All pattern pieces should be stuck down with foam tape

8. Cut the next row & continue to use the same technique. ** Make sure you start with the BLUE PATTERN piece for the 2nd row then start with a plain piece for the 3rd row then a BLUE PATTERN piece for the 4th row etc

9. Contine to stick all your pieces until the cardstock is completely covered. Trim any edges as required

Thanks for joining me today


glorygirl said...

This looks great! Thanks for the tutorial!

Rea said...

Fun layout, I have seen 3D layouts before, and they are nice, interesting to see you used the squares, I usually see flowers done 3D. I really like your blog, but the pulsating button with the changing layouts is very difficult on my eyes, and keeps me from stopping by very often. Just wanted to share that with you. You could do a slide show of layouts which just calmly changes to a layout from left to right. Just a suggestion.

Becky said...

WOW! This looks incredible!