Monday, April 23, 2012

Romy- Ribbon technique--really fun and easy

I love using bows on my creations. I also love to try turning ribbons into flowers, so what I usually do is I simply tie a ribbon a couple of times instead of just once.

I start off with a single bow. I always make sure my bow is in the middle of the ribbon, so both sides of the ribbon allow you to make another loop.
Posted Image

I then take both ends of the ribbon and tie another bow - right on top of the first one:
Posted Image

My second bow doesn't always get perfect at the first try. So sometimes I will untie the ribbon and try it again, until I'm satisfied. It might take a few tries before both bows have (almost) the same size. This is what my bow eventually looked like:
Posted Image

I usually tie my bows twice, but to make your piece of ribbon look more like a flower, you could also make a third bow on top of the other two. You have to pull very gently, as otherwise you might accidently pull out your second bow.
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I then cut away the ends of the ribbon. And there you have it: a ribbon flower:
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I used a pink flower like this one on my 'Believe in yourself' layout:
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phamil said...

Romy, beautiful page and what a great idea!!! Thanks!

Kerri said...

Thanks so much for sharing this flower! so easy and gorgeous!! :)