Friday, August 26, 2011

How did I do that ..Romy dimensional glitter trim

I wanted to add some extra dimension to this page, that was made with the Main Kit and the lace was the perfect thing to add...I only found it a bit too 'flat' for my layout, so I decided to pleat it. This was really easy to do, it just took me quite some time.

This is the final result:
Posted Image

And this is how I did it:

1) I simply pleated the lace with my fingernail and then stitched through it with a white thread.
Posted Image

2) Then this was the effect I achieved (each pleat measures approximately 1/4 inch):
Posted Image

3) To cover up the upper edges of the lace, I cut a small strip of the blue flower paper and stuck it on the upside of the lace with tacky glue.
Posted Image

4) Because I wasn't completely satisfied after adding the strip (you could clearly notice the edges of the blue strip), I decided to add some brown floss, which is included in the kit too, to the strip. I attached it with a few small pieces of brown thread. On the end of the strip I tied a bow through the holes of a small button as a finishing touch.
Posted Image

5) And lastly I decorated the edges of the lace with a bit of stickles (I used 'Crystal', which will add a beautiful, soft shimmer to all your creations).
Posted Image

6) The final result looked like this:
Posted Image


My Story said...

Lovely technique Romy...really adds dimension to your page

Rachael Elliott said...

Looks fab Romy and I agree it really adds extra depth to your page!

li-bee-ti said...

Amazing! The layout is fab and the technique is cool. I love how you hide the stitches.
Thanks for sharing it with us.