Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flower tutorials to share- by Carla

..I have a technique to share with you and I hope you like It ;) .
Couple layout's back have I made this layout ...maybe you remember this layout.
And now I am happy to show you ..how i did this!!:)
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What You need to made this flower!!
* Card stock { The color that you like}
* Sanding Block
* Ink block {what I have Just Brilliance pink}
* Sponge
* Color gel pen {the color that You like}
* Flower punch
* Spike { Or the back side of the brush}
* Soft foam
* Glue
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This is how to get started started

For two flowers you need to punched out (4) flower shapes , then you will sand the flowers , next with the spike bend the flower leaves..you will make all the flowers the same!!
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Then make veins on the flower with color gel pen
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STEP 3 Then ink In the middle of the flower ..for depth and nice effect.
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You then put the flower together the pink one and the green one and secure with glue.
And then press with a object on the soft foam ...the flower facing down SEE PICTURE!!
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Then add seed pod's or a brad in the middle of the flower
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Thank you for joining me
Enjoy making these flowers, thank you


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Ramona said...

Love this flower!! Will have to try this one out. Thanks so much for sharing!!!