Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tips and Technique- dreamy photo look by Jolaine

I love to give my photos a 'dreamy' look with white paint. I think it adds a unique softness. This is how I create that effect in the photo I used for my 'Love' layout using the main kit.

You will need:
-a nonstick mat
-a paint palette
-white paint
-a stencil brush
-the photo you want to alter

Posted Image

1. Run the blade of your scissors along the edge of the photo to mildly distress it. I don't recommend the edge distresser for this step as your photo may tear.
Posted Image

2.Pour a little bit of white paint on your palette and spread it around so that your brush will only get a light coating of paint on it.
Posted Image

3. Start applying the paint on the craft sheet and slowly work the brush toward the photo. As you do this, hold the brush at an angle and apply lightly. This is very important in order to avoid harsh straight lines.
Posted Image

4.That's it! You're done! The paint 'frame' can be as wide or narrow as you desire.
Posted Image

I hope you found this tutorial useful and that you give it a try!


li-bee-ti said...

Great effect!
thanks for the tut.

Shirley said...

Thanks for sharing just sets off the photo lovely :)

Dara Lynn said...

I just saw one of those brushes today at Michaels and was not sure for what all it was used for....thank you for showing me how :) I love this effect!!!

Shirley said...

I tried it but the effect isnt as good as yours. My brush was different too oh well I'll keep on trying maybe a shaving brush might do the trick :)

Michelle said...

This is a great effect, especially if you have a ton of past photos printed and can't do the photo editing on the computer. I am going to give this a whirl. I have to find my old stencil brushes! :)