Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet Our October Guest Designers

Welcome Fall! As much as we love 'em, those kids are FINALLY back in school! Almost as if it's celebrating along with us, the Earth explodes with Fall color, delights us with a Harvest Moon and makes the days a little bit cooler. Pretty soon we'll all be pulling on our cozy sweaters, baking up some yummy goodies (such as apple cobbler... mmmm) taking tons of photos at various Fall Festivals, bobbing for apples at the neighbor's Halloween Party and, of course, taking the kids Trick or Treating.

Since there are sooooo many activities in the fall, Pam thought you may need LOTS of inspiration. So she brought in THREE Guest Designers for October. Yes, THREE! We have a Cornucopia of Crafters goin' on here!

So please welcome two old favorites (Kim and Jackie) and a brand new favorite (Stacy):

Stacy Cohen

I’m Stacy Cohen and I live in Los Angeles, California with my loving husband and our two wonderful little daughters. My girls are the inspiration for all my creative projects… I call them my little muses.

I started scrapbooking in September of 2004 and I have been hooked ever since. Scrapbooking is my hobby, passion and creative outlet. I always say, “It’s cheaper than therapy!” I’m a very slow scrapper, often spending several nights on one layout. I love to fuss over all the little details and get everything just right. That coupled with the fact that I’m extremely indecisive means that I’m never able to just sit down and whip out a page in one sitting. But that’s okay because I really enjoy the whole creative process.

My work has been published in Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc., Scrapbook Trends, Memory Makers, Somerset Memories, Cards, Simply Handmade, Scrapbook Inspirations, and Scrapbooking m.m. I am currently on the design teams for Prima, Lily Bee and Shimmerz.

Thank you so much for having me as a guest at My Creative Scrapbook! I’m so honored to be joining you this month!!

Please visit my blog...
That's My Story... and I'm sticking to it.

Jackie Anderson

I have lived most my life in the beautiful mountains and deserts of Utah where the landscape is as varied as the people are homogeneous. In my life I have been a SAHM to three little boys, a dog, three cats, two miniature bunnies, and a duck (all at once), a single working mom, and a working mom of a combined family that included his two teenage girls, my two teenage boys and my little tail ender son trailing five years behind; oh, and two cocker-spaniels and three cats!

I've worked as a GED teacher, an eighth grade English teacher, a newspaper reporter and spent one year as a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) over-seeing the local chapter of our state’s Bringing Hope to Single Mom’s NPO. I am currently semi-retired, working half days as a classroom facilitator at the Utah State University satellite campus. I have been married to my dear sweetheart for fifteen years now. Our family continues to grow as we welcome daughters and son-in-laws. I am the grandmother of a nine-year-old girl and a two-year-old imp.

It was my brother who introduced me to the world of scrapbooking when an office staff member held a party in her home nearly fifteen years ago. I was hooked from the beginning, cutting all our family pictures into hearts, ovals, circles and stars with various deco edge scissors and plastering pages with adorable stickers. When I look at my pages now compared to then I am simply amazed at how far this hobby turned obsession has come.

Kim Arledge

My name is Kim Arledge. My family and I live in the big ol' state of Texas. I have 3 beautiful children and a husband who is pretty amazing. He puts up with me and my endless amounts of scrapbook purchases so he must be a good man!!!!

In 2006, I began to dabble with scrapbooking and quickly became obsessed. Over the past few years I have tapped into a part of myself that I did not even know I had and I am so thankful that I have found something that I am so passionate about. More importantly, I am creating memories for my kids to treasure for years to come. If you don't find me in my scraproom, you will find me online talking, researching, or obsessing about scrap stuff.

My scrapbooking style is still evolving because I am always up for new challenges. For the most part, I want my pictures to tell the story.

It is extremely exciting to be asked by Pam to come over and be a Guest Designer with all of the super talented ladies she has for her team. I am so very honored!!!!! Thanks to MCS, Pam, and the MCS DT for having me.

Please visit my blog...
My Little Inspirations

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Gabrielle Pollacco said...

It was wonderful to have Jackie & Kim design along with us again this month! And what a treat to have Stacey as a Guest Designer too! She is so talented and as sweet as you all imagine her to be! Thanks for joining us for the month Stacey!

~Gabi xx