Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pam's Twenty Answers

A few weeks back we tossed 20 random questions at Delaina, our newest design team addition. It was such a fun thing to do, that we've decided to throw those same 20 questions at all of the design team. Over the next several weeks, we'll post all of their answers. But today it's all about Pam, the owner of My Creative Scrapbook.

1. What is your stupid human trick?

Well, I guess it might be my ability to do 10 things at once.

2. Most embarrassing moment?

Meeting someone and not remembering who they are.

3. Proudest moment?

I have so many! But the birth of my grand baby was a wonderful moment. I'm so proud of how my son and daughter-in-law handled her early arrival.

4. Nickname or hubby's pet name for you?

Boy I am boring. I don't have one. Although I do have a tendency to call my children by each others names. They've become so used to it, that they even answer it now.

5. Worst crime of fashion?

The fashion police would certainly have fun with me! I do love to wear my tennis shoes and mom jeans.

6. Favorite song?

I am the worst at remembering song names. It's actually become a running joke in my family. I'm always trying to ask about a song I'd heard but I don't have a clue what the name is or how the tune goes.

7. Favorite movie?

I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but I really enjoyed New Moon! Even more than the first movie.

8. Celebrity crush?

George Clooney! He is such a hunk!

9. Guilty pleasure?

I love to read. Romance novels and fiction are my books of choice.

10. Elvis oil painting on velvet, pink lawn flamingo or garden gnomes?

I like pink, so pink lawn flamingo for me. Bring them on! My neighbors would die! LOL

11. Bad habits?

I don't sleep. I'll stay up working and push through to the point of exhaustion and still won't go to bed. After about three days of doing this it finally catches up with me.

12. Dream vacation?

It has to be some place warm. And I have a soft spot for Disney World. I just love that place!

13. Favorite color and why?

Red. I've always been drawn to it. I love to wear it even though I look better in pink. I also love pink!

14. What are three non-scrap related items you can't live without?

My computer, cell phone and favorite snack.

15. If you had a super power, what would it be?

To see into the future. I want to know what the manufacturers are coming out with at CHA... now! LOL

16. If your life were turned into a movie, who would play you?

Can I make her prettier and thinner than me? That would be good. I love Sandra Bullock.

17. What genre would the movie be?

Comedy for sure.

18. What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Does this have to be advice that I've followed? LOL! Life is 98% attitude. So keep a good attitude and you will be happy.

19. Biggest pet peeve?

Companies that have voice mail to answer their phones instead of a real person.

20. Share something interesting about yourself that most people don't know.

I am a identical twin. For years, my sister and I looked so much alike that our friends couldn't tell us apart. This went on all the way through high school. I've actually had people talk about me to my face when they thought they were taking to my sister. Now that was funny!


EileenMV said...

So nice to know a little bit about you!!! I'm on my 2rd Main Kit & I absolutely love your kits - beautiful!!!

EileenMV said...

I meant 3rd!!!

Tara Orr said...

So neat reading about all these little tidbits about you Pam! How neat - a twin!! Bet you got yourselves into heaps of mischief!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

LOL!! So much fun reading about our fearless leader here!! Never knew you were a twin Pam!

Great job on the blog again this month Julie!!