Friday, March 11, 2016

How to Easily Create a Blocked Layout by Tracy McLennon

Design Team member Tracy McLennon is walking us through the mathematics of scrapbooking today!

Here's Tracy...

Today I am showing a few easily visuals and sharing some measurements to make your next blocked layout a little easier.

I love the clean look of a blocked layout. It's a great way to use up some of those bolder patterns on a layout. Here are a couple of samples of blocked layout that I have created with My Creative Scrapbook

These next few images are 12x12 sheets of cardstock with pieces of patterned paper cut to fit on them. Below each image I will write out the measurements that I used.

So lets get into the math of it all.
The top row off patterned paper in the above image are all cut to 4". These will fit snuggly onto your 12x12 background, there will be no space between patterns.

The second row of patterns are cut a little smaller so that there is a little space between the patterns and the cardstock below, shows through. They are cut to 3.75".

The third row I created mats for the patterned papers, as well as I left space between. The patterns are cut to 3.5", and the cardstock is cut to 3.75".

Some patterns stand alone well, but other's really do look better when they are matted.

The top row of patterns are cut to 3". Again, these will fit snuggly onto your 12x12 background.

The second row of patterns are cut a little smaller so that there is space between them and the cardstock can show through. They are cut to 2.75"

The third row of patterns are matted and there is space between them. The patterned paper is cut to 2.5" and the cardstock to mat them is cut to 2.75".

The top row of patterned papers are cut to 2".

The second row is cut to 1.75".

The third row of patterns are cut to 1.5" and the cardstock that they are matted in are cut to 1.75".

A little hint to remember, all of these measurements would also pertain to circles. So also in this photo I have shared a couple more measurements for you. The fourth row has 1.5" circles, it takes 8 of them to go across a 12x12 layout.

The fifth row are 1" circles, as you probably already can fit 12 across your 12x12 layout.

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn a little more about the Mathematics of Scrapbooking.

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