Friday, March 25, 2016

How to Creative Movement and Emotion Through Handwritten Journaling by Alicia Giess

Design Team member Alicia Giess reminds us of the importance of handwritten journaling on our scrapbook pages, and, she shares techniques for making your journaling a creative part of your design!

Here's Alicia...

Let your journaling create movement and emotion throughout your pages!   I know there are so many people that do not use handwriting on their pages because they believe their handwriting is not pretty or not easy to read.  I can tell you from experience, your family will want to see your handwriting.   While my mother was not a scrapbooker, I found some letters she wrote me after she died, and it means everything to me to look back at those personal notes she wrote. some handwritten journaling on your pages.  

My tutorial is going to show you three pages that I created this month with handwritten journaling and different ways to display the journaling.

The first page is this one:

On this page, I used lines between the numbers on my journaling block to write some thoughts about my adorable niece, Mona.    The lines and the numbers create movement on the page.

And the second page:

On this page, I also used handwritten lines to add my journaling at the top of the page and then I finished my thoughts at the bottom of the page.  

Lastly, my third page this month is my favorite:

I wrote a very lengthy personal note to my daughter who is away at college, telling her how proud I was of her.  I always want my kids to know just how much they are loved and adored, and I also mentioned something that had happened personally to her that week in my journaling to document college memories also.   I concluded my journaling with  "Love, Mom".   The journaling filled up most of my page but didn't take away from the design of my page.  

Next time you reach for your computer to journal, just think about making a handwritten note to your family.  They will appreciate it.


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Karen Howard said...

Wow, love these layouts and the handwritten journaling! Wondering what black and white pens you used to do the journaling. Karen Howard