Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to Create a Stitched Heart Scrapbook Page Background by Audrey Yeager

Guest Designer Audrey Yeager is up today with a fabulous stitching tutorial!

Hi there everyone!  Audrey Yeager here to share with you how I created this dynamic heart background for my page "You Love" with the February Main Kit.

This really requires no special supplies except a sewing machine and hand stitching supplies.  And a note before you read on:  I created this tutorial AFTER I created my page, so you'll notice the papers are different than my final page!

Begin by tracing half of a large heart on a piece of FOLDED scrap paper (the fold is down the center of the heart).   Mine is about 7-8 inches big.

Cut the heart out and open up.

Place the heart off to the side of the background paper as shown below.  You want the point of the heart to be about an inch away from the edge.  Repeat on the other side of the background paper.  You may want to use a ruler to line the hearts up to make sure they are straight.

 Cut out both hearts from the background paper.

Choose a piece of patterned paper to use as your heart filler.  Place behind the background paper and trace the shape.  When you cut the filler paper, be sure to leave about 1/4" of paper from the edge of your traced line so add some glue.

Glue your patterned filler papers behind the cut out hearts.

Machine stitch around the outside edge of the hearts.  Here's a tip for machine sewing around curves: use a smaller stitch length around the curves to make the paper easier to move.  GO SLOW and take your time!  You may want to machine stitch 2-3 lines to make the stitching stand out more.

Take your original heart template and trace a third heart in the middle of the page, centered between the two other hearts.

Use a push pin and some type of guide to punch holes directly on your pencil line of the third heart.  A friend shared this tip with me a LONG time ago to use this plastic latch hook material to make evenly spaced holes!   I keep it in my scrappy tote for hand stitching!  :)

Use a need and embroidery thread to stitch the final heart!   Another tip when you are doing a lot of hand stitching:  Mark off exactly where your photos and embellishments are going to be and forgo the stitching behind them!  It will save you lots of time!

Finally, add your photos and embellishments, and you have a fun, dynamic heart background for your page!

Thanks for joining me and I hope you learned something on this tutorial!

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