Monday, January 4, 2016

A Year of Beautiful "Lucy" Layouts by Sandi Clarkson

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My fellow Design Team mate Christine Meyer (our Social Media Coordinator) had the great idea to share some of each designer's favorite work from 2015. As I was working on sending her a few of mine to use, I kept noticing that my actual  favorite layout each month is usually my "Lucy" project. I did my very first "Lucy" layout in 2014 kind of as a fluke.  I had found a rather glamorous photo of the famous comedian Lucille Ball and wanted to scrap it with the October 2014 LE Kit.  Pam and I both loved the concept so much, we decided it could be a sort of scrappy signature of mine ... something fun and a little different.  So far, I have only used Lucy's more glamorous publicity photos because I love that these are less well known and show a different side of her. 

For 2015, I have eight Lucy projects for My Creative Scrapbook.  
Here they are:

"Lucy, 1940s"
January 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit, Everett collection, 1940s)

February 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit, 1940s, Tumblr)

March 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit, Everett collection)

"True Story"
April 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit,, 1932 or 1940)

May 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit, Everett collection)

"The Best of Times"
June 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit, tumblr)

July 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit, copyright Bettmann/Corbis, 1969)

"Seasons Greetings"
December 2015 Limited Edition Kit
(Lucy photo credit, tumblr, photographer unknown)

So, there you have it for 2015.
  I hope you have enjoyed them! 
Let me know what you'd like to see for 2016! 


Christine said...

I think I like June the best - what a gorgeous collection!

Mycreativescrapbook said...

I adore these pages, so Beautiful. I love your designs excellent work!!!

MARILYN said...

All are gorgeous!!! xx

Milsy Hernandez said...

WOW!! Sandi Clarkson. Your layouts are beautiful. You tell a story in every layout. I love all of them. My favorite is the one from January 2015, but the one from June 2015 reminds me of when I would watch I love Lucy as a child. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I can't wait to see more of your layouts. I love family layouts that re done with the LE Kit because they are more realistic for some reason and very beautiful. I am amazed at how many women (all I've seen) are so talented and have an artistic vision in these projects. I can see the passion and dedication that they put in it. Can't wait to see more.