Monday, March 30, 2015

Scrap Space Tour with Kristin Greenwood

Kristin Greenwood is taking us on a tour of her awesome scrap room today!


I am going to share some pictures of my scrapbook room!!  My room is in the basement, I have half and the other half is for my son (he has his shrine to Minecraft and it is where he gets to play the game!).
The lighting is not the best, with only three windows I did the best I could taking pics!

My handy husband made me my table!  It has a large working space and the "legs" of the table is where I store my paper!

I store my paper by brand, each line of paper is in a clear bag.
On my desk I have my pens...

I have these containers (I purchased at Michaels), each container has smaller containers.  Perfect for smaller items like wood veneers, paper clips, and die cuts...


I also keep the basic supplies...cutter, scissors, adhesive, etc. 

On this wall my hubby added a shelf for me to display mini albums (these are the ones that actually have photos in them)!  He used a pvc pipe and shower hooks to make me someplace to hang items, I mostly just have stickers here (I recently purged my stickers, all those empty hooks used to be full)!

The ledge below that is photo boxes full of different items...extra adhesive, tags, journal spots, mixed media paper, project life,etc.

A close up of my project life, no real organization here.  Just stick them in the box as I buy them!

The other wall behind my desk also has the ledge, but the cubed shelves (I got from Lowes) fit perfectly under it!

I can not get a picture of it, but the line the entire length of the wall.
Each cube contains different stuff.  I am sharing a few pictures...

6x6 pads

 Washi tapes

Alphas, one basket has neutral colors, the other has colors.



border punches

more die cuts and stickers....

The ledge behind has projects I have made and a few my little boy made :)

I teach classes at my LSS and when we sold out of our K&Co Smash Books, I got to keep the display!

Here I keep flowers and stickers!

The last picture I am going to share is a shoe rack (purchased at WaMart) that I transformed to display the rest of my flowers!

Thanks for looking!!


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langeatheart said...

Your room is awesome Kristin! I love how you've organized everything, you've given me a few great ideas on storage! Wow you have a lot of stuff! All the best! :)

janet said...

Totally a scraproom made for fun and tons of creative time! Your hubby did a GRAT job with your desk and your shelving. He gets a blue ribbon for that! Now..when are you inviting us all over? LOL! Great space and I could spend days upon days in there. Love your 3 windows- lots of light and great that you can share your space with your son at the same time. Bonus! Thanks for sharing!!!

Mycreativescrapbook said...

I want to come scrap at your house.. thank you for the Awesome tour of your scraproom.