Monday, March 16, 2015

Scrap Space Tour with Brenda Cazes

Brenda Cazes is taking us on a tour of her awesome scrap room today!


Hi everyone! I thought I’d share my scrap room with you today. I just recently did a purge of my stash (it was either purge or end up on an episode of Hoarders) and that inspired me to clean my room. This was the perfect opportunity to take a few photos and share them with you because it may never look like this again. Notice that you can actually see the tops of both desks – I haven’t seen that for a long time!

We’ll start with my main work desk. I have all the tools I use regularly within easy reach – paper trimmers, ruler, scissors, adhesives, etc. The large cutting mat protects my desk, is a handy ruler, and perfect for when I need to use my circle cutter or a craft knife. I love these washi tape holders that I found at my local Michael’s store. Not only are they beautifully displayed, but there is a serrated edge at the front of each one for cutting the tape.

Above my desk, I attached a wire shelf to the wall and I hang my paper collections in Zip-loc bags. Each bag contains all the paper and embellishments for each of my newer collections. I find it so handy to have everything I need in that bag to complete a layout and I can flip through them quickly when I’m looking for the perfect collection to go with my photos.

On the other side of the room is my computer desk. I love being able to just roll over to this desk to search for inspiration online or to use my Silhouette Cameo. Above this desk I like to hang my most recent layouts.

Next to this desk is my rolling cart, which holds my paints, inks, sprays, glitter, buttons, and miscellaneous embellishments. The jars that hold my button collection are from Ikea (as is most of the furniture in the room). I glued a button to the lid of each jar so that when they are in the rolling cart, I can easily see which color buttons each jar contains.

Next is the white drawers. These were purchased from Michaels and there are three separate units which are stacked on top of each other. Each drawer holds cardstock and tone-on-tone papers for each color. This is also where I store my scraps for each color as well.

Next to that is the rainbow cart. This holds miscellaneous embellishments – chipboard, twine, bling, alphabets, etc.

Above that are my punches. I bought these towel racks from Ikea as well and the punches fit on them perfectly!

Next to that is my open shelving unit. This holds my albums, stamps, and other embellishments.

For my smaller items such as wood veneer, brads, eyelets and embroidery floss, I use these plastic embroidery floss organizers from Michaels. They are perfect for storing and sorting small items.

Well that’s my scrap room. I hope you enjoyed taking the tour and maybe were inspired by something you saw.


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janet said...

Gorgeous room and what an organized scrap space! You just wanna sit and play. LOVE how you have your kits organizing and hanging so close to your space- that totally rocks. Everything just loos great. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I adore your scrap room. I dream about such a place too.