Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ray Burst Card Tutorial by Katrina Hunt

Today My Creative Scrapbook Guest Designer Katrina Hunt is sharing how she created her ray bursts on her cards featuring the April Creative kit:

Here's Katrina...

Ever wonder how to get those ray burst that are so popular right now? I accidentally figured out a quick way to get them on a card, so I thought I would share it with you.

I used a 5x5 inch card base, but you could do this with any size of card just by making your strips longer. The 5x5 size is a good one to use up those 6x6 mini pads that you have laying around.

You will need various widths of strips of paper (this works great with scraps). My strips were anywhere from ½ inch to 1.5 inches wide. They were all 6 inches long.

Then figure out how you want to arrange your strips starting at the top center of your card base and then fan the strips out. It takes me a while to figure out the look I want. Make sure you work all the way out from the center to OVER the edges of the card.

Once you have your layout figured out, carefully pickup your strips and flip them over, with the backsides showing. I break them up into sections of three or four strips and then run some tape adhesive over them to hold them together. Then you can cover your card base with adhesive and lay the sections down and make the arrangement just like you had it.

Once you have all of them down, then you will just trim the strips even with your card base all the way around.

Cover the meeting points with a border strip, die cut, tag, etc. and you have a fun designed card!

Katrina Hunt
My Creative Scrapbook Guest Designer


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CorinaT said...

I love your layouts....they are so fun and colorful!!

Cathy said...

great work K, i love the bright happy projects you created with the kit