Friday, August 24, 2012

Diamond Dust Your Chipboard with Kris

Happy Friday everyone!  It's Kris Berc with you today to share the simple way that I altered the chipboard pieces that came with the August Album kit.

For example, the sparkly butterfly in the above cluster

the chipboard pieces
white acrylic paint
foam paint brush
glossy accents
small paint brush (not pictured)
jar of diamond dust

Apply 2 coats of white acrylic paint to the chipboard pieces (let dry in between applications).

When paint is dry, apply an even layer of glossy accents over the surface of the painted chipboard.

Immediately sprinkle a generous amount of diamond dust on top of the glossy-accented chipboard shape.

Tap excess diamond dust off of the chipboard shape; allow to dry.

Small chipboard pieces can fit right inside the diamond dust jar. So, immediately after applying an even layer of glossy accents over the surface of the painted chipboard, place the pieces into the diamond dust jar, wet side down, and press down on them a bit to ensure ample coverage. I use tweezers to remove the chipboard pieces from the jar.

Once dry, they are ready to be adhered to your project.  A great thing about this method is that the diamond dust does not fall off!

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