Saturday, July 21, 2012

Simple Ribbon Flower with Jamie

Hello everyone!  Hope you're enjoying your weekend.  Today Design Team member Jamie Harder is sharing instructions for creating a simple but super cute ribbon flower!

Here's Jamie...

Supplies: You will need ribbon, thread and needle.
Posted Image

Your first step is to thread your needle and start to stitch on one side of the ribbon:
Posted Image

Now just continue stitching:
Posted Image

Once you are finished threading it will look like this:
Posted Image

Now you can tie the thread at one end and then pull the thread until is scrunches up to make a flower shape:
Posted Image

If it doesn't quite make it all the way around, feel free to add more stitches until it does. Now you can tie a knot on the other end of the thread, cut off remaining thread and stitch the two ends together.
Posted Image

And, voila, a beautiful flower. You are ready to add a brad or button to the middle and add it to your project!Posted Image


Sandra said...

How quick and easy, what a great idea.

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