Thursday, September 29, 2011

How did I do that...Picket fence by Jolaine

As soon as I saw the Main Kit, I knew I wanted to incorporate a picket fence. The leaf vine just called for it! Here is the layout I created using two picket fences I made out of lightweight chipboard...

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The following is a tutorial on how to make your own picket fence.


-lightweight chipboard (or a cereal box)
-white crackle paint
-white acrylic paint
-liquid adhesive
-tools: scissors, paint brush, paper trimmer, cutting mat

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1. Use your trimmer to cut six strips of chipboard measuring 2.5"x.5". Also cut two additional strips that measure 5"x.25".

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2. Use your scissors to make a point on one end of one strip of chipboard. Now, use the first cut strip as a guide to cut the remaining strips of chipboard.
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4. Use the ruler guide on your cutting mat to evenly space your strips of chipboard.
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5. Apply liquid glue on the two longer chipboard strips.
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6. Carefully lay them over your fence and attach everything together. Remove excess chipboard by cutting with your scissors at a straight angle.

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7. For a white on white look, apply a thin layer of acrylic paint and let dry.
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8. Next, apply a coat of white crackle paint and let air dry. Remember the thicker the coat, the bigger the crackles you will see once the paint dries.
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All done! You may wish to seal your fence with a coat of Mod Podge to prevent any flaking. You can also ink it to add more of a vintage look. Since the paper collection included in the kit was so light and sweet, I left mine as is.
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Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!
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Scrappin' Abz said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Absolutely love the layout! Very pretty. :)

Nat said...

That is so super easy, will be giving it a go soon.

Tanya said...

Love this! Now to think of what to use a fence on, hmmm...

Shannon B said...

Cute, makes me want to use more fencing. Let's see . . . it's fall, leaves are changing, people rake their yards, yards have fences, lots of possibilities, thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the tutorial. i totally love it. :)

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style sista said...

Loved it! thanks

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