Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tips and Technique Tuesday- misting by Sarah

Hi everyone! I've been asked quite a few times about my spritz/spray/mist techniques, and how I achieve the different looks created on my layouts.
So, I'd like to share with you my favorite splatter technique that I create with my mists and sprays. Now, every mist or spray creates it's own design.
Mists usually spray a tighter and lighter pattern while the spritzes and sprays created more of a splattered design. However, I have yet to come
across any that splatter as much and as heavy as I like, so I have a little tip to get those heavy ink splattered looking spots.

First, I spray my mist/spritz on to a scrap piece of paper...
Posted Image

Then, immediately shake the drips on the nozzle onto my layout background. Sometimes you have to do this process many times to get the design
that you're trying to achieve.
Posted Image

Here are two layouts where I have created the heavy splattered ink spots with my sprays/mists.
This first layout I actually sprayed my mist normally in teal and then used the splattered technique to add black spots.
Posted Image

In this second layout I simply used the spatter technique to add just a few spots around the background.
Posted Image

I hope you'll give this technique a try. Mists/sprays/spritzes can create a multitude of designs to add to your layouts, plus it's always fun to customize your pages!! -Sarah
LOVES :) -Sarah

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