Thursday, February 21, 2013

Embossing Chipboard Stickers by Nicole Doiron

My Creative Scrapbook guest designer Nicole Doiron is back with her next tutorial featuring our February Main kit (this is our second post today- please scroll down to view the previous post).

Here's Nicole...

The February Main Kit comes with a lot of chipboard pieces ready to use. For my 'Heartbreaker' layout, I wanted to stick to a particular color scheme, so I needed more black to make it all work. I decided to alter some of the chipboard stickers by painting and embossing them.

I picked a few chipboard pieces and painted them with black acrylic paint.

Then, I stamped a grid pattern on each piece using a Glue Pad.

Next, I covered each piece with black embossing powder, making sure that the entire stamped image was well coated.

Then, out came the heat gun! If you like embossing, then you will probably understand me when I say that I get a certain joy watching embossing powder set under the heat of the craft gun. You can see it changing before your eyes. A bit weird I know, but many of you crafters will be able to relate I'm sure! :)

Here is a tag now embossed.

And here is the finished layout with all my black chipboard pieces matching perfectly with the rest.


Nicole Doiron
My Creative Scrapbook Guest Designer


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Julia said...

Love this process!!!! Your shapes turned out marvelous!!! I have some older chipboard that I have been unable to use because of the just inspired me to change it!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just about to give away a whole storage box of chipboard because the colors weren't what I am using. Now I can keep them and make them work with the colors I want. Thanks so much for the great idea and the savings I'm going to have by keeping my chipboard!

Aimie Hudson said...

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